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Vow To Be Chic promises to simplify the bride's and bridesmaids' experience, and to send you only the highest quality dresses on time for the big day. We strive to demystify the sizing and fit process so the dress looks and feels great on you. We know how important this day is, and we’re here to help.


What is Vow To Be Chic?
Vow To Be Chic is the first and only company to offer designer bridesmaid dress rentals - and Little White Dresses rentals, too. After being bridesmaids ourselves on many occasions, we realized the honor of being a bridesmaid can be very expensive and time intensive. We knew that there must be an easier, less expensive, and more fun alternative to the current bridesmaid experience. That’s how Vow To Be Chic began.
Why should I rent?

Let’s start with the fact that 84% of bridesmaid dresses are worn only once!

For bridesmaids, the average bridesmaid spends $1,695 per wedding. Often the dress alone is $300, not to mention additional alteration costs. Vow offers an alternative with one flat price (plus shipping) that includes a designer dress, home preview, dry cleaning, and no need for alterations - all starting at $65! And they can complete it all in about 20 minutes versus 4-8 hours. (Your bridesmaids will LOVE you!)

For brides, after getting engaged you suddenly need numerous white dresses for all of your wedding-related events - and you want each one to be special and different (thanks to all the social pictures!). The perfect Little White Dress is hard to find, but now you can rent designer ones starting at $50 (versus $400)! Use that money to put toward your big day!

Since the entire process is online, everyone saves precious time because you no longer have to make multiple trips to boutiques to find the perfect dress; or to tailors for alterations (even though we all know you’ll only wear it once). Vow saves you time, money and (a bit of) stress!

THE OPTIONS: Style Consultation, Home Try-on

What is a stylist consultation?

Vow To Be Chic offers complimentary consultations with our Bridal Stylists. They work with the bride to recommend styles, gather measurements, answer any questions and communicate with the bridal party. We’re here to help make the bridesmaid and Little White Dress process easy, fun and fast! Request a stylist consultation here and our Bridal Stylists will call you at a time that is convenient for you. If you prefer email, simply contact our Stylists at hello@vowtobechic.com and we will respond shortly.

What is the home try-on? Do I have to do it?

The home try-on is 100% optional and definitely not mandatory. Because we have a fit guarantee, we can fix it if you try the dress on when it arrives 2 weeks before the wedding or event.

If you should choose to do a try-on, the cost for this option is $19.95 per dress and brings the dressing room to you! It allows you to try the dress on in the comfort of your own home. We can not guarantee the exact color you want will be sent, but you can always request a color swatch. Within 3 days, use the prepaid UPS packaging to return the dress. Placing a try-on order does not guarantee that the dress will be available for your big day - so we recommend that you place your rental order at the same time.

No need for expensive alterations and no more wasted time visiting multiple boutiques and tailors to achieve the perfect fit!

Can I place a try-on order at the same time as my rental order?

Absolutely! We actually recommend placing both your try-on and rental at the same time. This ensures that the dresses you want for your big day are reserved for the big day!

What do I do if I want to change my style or color after the try-on?

Chances are, if you gave us your measurements, you won’t need to change that. But, if you do, you absolutely can! Just let us know what switcharoos you would like on your order and we will take care of it!

Will all my bridesmaids be able to rent dresses for my wedding?

Absolutely! That’s why we're here. As long as they place their rental orders in advance (usually 5 to 6 months), we can fulfill your entire bridal parties style and sizing needs.


How much does it cost to rent?

Our designer dress rentals start at $50 for Little White Dresses and $65 for bridesmaid dresses. This price includes: a Bridal Stylist consultation to select the perfect dresses and ensure an awesome fit; the designer dress in 2 sizes (average retail price of $400) delivered at least 7 days before the event; and dry cleaning. The rental price covers normal wear and tear (see rental terms).

We make the designer dress of your dreams affordable, not to mention eliminating the need for expensive alterations and multiple trips to a boutique or store.

How long do I have the rental dress?

Your dress arrives at least 7 days before the wedding date. After the wedding, we ask that the dress be returned within 3 days using the prepaid packaging. You can leave the dry-cleaning to us!

What if I want to buy the dress instead of renting it?

No problem! Vow To Be Chic sells designer bridesmaid dresses and Little White Dresses to women with particular preferences and specific sizing needs as well as to those who love a dress so much, they have to have it for keeps. When you are ordering, just hit the “buy” in the drop-down box. Or, you can contact us and we will take care of you.

What if some bridesmaids want to rent and others want to buy the dress?

Not a problem! Each bridesmaid determines if she would like to buy or rent her dress when she checks out.

How far in advance do I need to place the order?

We are here to help whether you’re a planner or procrastinator. We recommend reserving your dress as soon as possible to ensure the dress you want is available. To allow for the best experience, bridesmaids should begin ordering five to six months before the wedding. If you need a rush order, contact us and we’ll do all we can to make magic happen. For brides, our Little White Dresses are available right away.

Can I make changes after I have placed my order?

You can make any logistical changes up to 45 days before your event date.  We can guarantee changes to address, phone, email and most date changes.  We cannot guarantee changes in size or style, but will do everything in our power to accommodate the request or need. You can log into your account or submit to support@vowtobechic.com to make changes.

I am the bride - can I pay for my bridesmaid dress rentals myself?

Absolutely! And you get MAJOR friend points for that! There are two options: 1) you may purchase a Vow e-gift certificate for each of your bridesmaids and a code will then be emailed to them that they can use at check out. Or 2) place their orders yourself. You will need to be sure you have all their sizing and shipping information. Then give yourself a glass of champagne for being so awesome!


How do I know my dress is clean?

We work with high-end dry cleaners to properly clean each dress. Additionally, our team inspects each dress before leaving the warehouse to ensure the highest quality. We promise to only ship dresses we would wear ourselves.

Can each of the bridesmaids rent a different style and/or color of dress?

Of course! - the mix and match option is a great idea. We offer numerous styles, colors, and fabrics from each designer (not to mention many designers). Our stylists are happy to help you curate a few options with your color scheme.

How do I know the dress for the wedding will arrive in time?

Because we make it happen! At least 7 days before the wedding, your selected dress will arrive ready for the big day. This gives us enough time to ensure everything is perfect (and allows the bride to breathe easy) and fix whatever may not be. If you don’t receive it when you are supposed to - just give us a call and we will make it right!

What if I get the dress and there’s something wrong with it?

Open your box as soon as you receive it to ensure it is what you were expecting. If you have any questions, contact us within 24 hours of receiving the dress and we’ll work with you to fix the issue - painlessly and quickly!

What sizes do the dresses come in?

We carry dresses in sizes ranging from 0 to 18, depending on the designer. If we don’t carry the size you need, give us a call and we will see if it is available for you to purchase.

I need a dress for a wedding and it says it is unavailable?

Help is on the way! Contact us at info@vowtobechic.com and provide us with the following information: full name, phone #, your size information, dress and color and wedding date. We will follow up with you and do our very best to make magic happen!


How do I know the dress will fit me well?

It’s part of the Vow Great Fit Promise!. Your best bet is to get your measurements taken professionally. Once you submit your measurements, we will recommend the best size for you and the back-up size. It is that simple! No more confusing bridesmaid sizing or expensive alterations - we do the math for you. The same goes for our Little White Dresses for our brides - 2 sizes, at least 7 days before the event!

You can always opt for a try-on if you'd like. This way you know the exact style and size you need.

Our dresses are typically available to rent in sizes 0-18 or XS-XL. If you need a size that is not available on our site, please contact a bridal stylist who can help with a purchase of the dress.

What does "Great Fit" mean?

Vow strives to get you a dress with a "Great Fit". If you provide us with professional measurements that are requested at checkout, you won't need any alterations.

Try out the dress within 24 hours of receiving it. If for any reason you aren't happy, we will make it right by covering the cost for ground shipping!* Just give us a call.

If you choose not to provide those measurements or you do not try the dress on within the 24-hour window, we will still work our magic, but you will be responsible for the cost of shipping out a replacement.

*If you have tried it on within the 24 hours of receiving your dress and you would like it expedited, additional fees will apply.

What if I am pregnant?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Try the style Cerise Maternity by Jenny Yoo which allows expectant bridesmaids to look every bit as glamorous as the rest of the bridal squad.

We recommend that you schedule a complimentary consultation with a Vow To Be Chic Bridal Stylist for expert advice on fit and sizing to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

What if I will have just had a baby?

First of all, congratulations! As for your fit, we know the challenges of guessing what size you will wear after your bundle of joy is born. Some of our dresses will allow you to edit your order for as little as 8 weeks in advance. Check with our Stylists if this situation applies to you.

What length should I order for floor length gowns?

Our gowns are available in two lengths: Regular and Long. If you are 5’1” to 5’5”, you should order a Regular. If you are 5’6"-5’10", you should order a Long. Don’t forget to account for the size heel you are wearing! If you don’t meet either of these heights, give our Stylists a call. 


Do I need to dry clean my dress before I send it back?

Nope! We take care of all dry cleaning. You just receive it, wear it, enjoy it and send it back.

What happens if I damage or lose the dress?

We understand that accidents happen. Normal wear and tear is covered for each dress (i.e. minor snags and small stains). Treat it like you’re borrowing it from your best friend’s closet. In the rare event of significant damage, or if the dress is not returned (imagine how upset your friend would be), you are subject to be charged for the full retail price.

What if I return the dress late?

To make sure each of our bridesmaids has the dress she reserved for the big day, we need your help by returning your dress within three days. This ensures that everyone has the same great experience that you did.

For dresses that are not postmarked by three days after the wedding, you are subject to a daily late fee. The late fee could be up to the dress’ full retail price, so please return the dress on time.

What do I do if I have a destination wedding?

First, depending on where you are going, we may want to hand deliver the dress. JUST KIDDING, this is not a problem at all. We will ship the dresses before you leave and we are happy to accommodate travel time if we are given advance notification and can make it work. You will need to return the dresses in the UPS prepaid envelope when you return home.


How much is shipping?

All of our dress rentals we charge $19.95 for shipping (both ways), insurance (normal wear and tear), and dry cleaning (one less thing to worry about, yay!). This includes a free prepaid return label and packaging to ship the dresses back.

We charge $14.95 for all of our purchased dresses.

If you order an accessory with the dress, the accessories shipping is $7.95 for any number of pieces from the same designer or brand. If you order from two or more different designers or brands, the shipping fee is $15.90. And if you having any questions, we are here to help.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we do not ship internationally; but, you can take the dress with you if you are traveling out of the country or have a destination wedding.

How do I return the dresses?

Each dress comes with prepaid shipping label and packaging. Just return the dresses within 3 days after your event or wedding and follow the instructions provided in your package.


Can I rent the accessories?

Our beautiful accessories are for purchase only because we KNOW you will want to wear them again!

Can I return the accessories?

Most of the accessories are made by our designers as you order them, so the accessories are final sale. If they arrive damaged or break before you wear them, we will gladly take them back and either fix or replace them so that they're perfect.

How will I know if the color matches the dresses?

If you have any questions on color, our Stylists will be happy to work with you to find the perfect accessory and color match!

When will my accessories ship and arrive?

If the product is in stock, it ships within 2-3 days and arrives at your door within 2 weeks from when you order it. However, if our designers need to “make to order”, it may take up to 6 weeks to receive your accessory(ies); and up to 12 weeks for the Jenny Yoo lingerie.

What are the shipping costs?

Accessories shipping is $7.95 for any number of pieces from the same designer or brand. If you order from two or more different designers or brands, the shipping fee is $15.90.

If you are ordering a dress at the same time, the additional shipping fee is $9.95 + $5.00 insurance. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Do the accessories come gift wrapped?

All the accessories come in an individual box that is a beautiful presentation in its own right. Add a ribbon to it - and it is the perfect looking gift!

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