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Introducing our First Blogger Bride: Monica

Engaged Couple in Southern California

This may not come as a surprise, but here in the Vow office, we love weddings. Ok, maybe that is obvious! Needless to say, when one of our Bridal Stylists got engaged, we were more than a little excited. We even had to interrupt the day’s work for a champagne toast and to hear the whole proposal story! We will be following Monica on her wedding planning journey from proposal to cake cutting – with all the fun (and sometimes confusing moments) in between! Don't worry, she'll share the helpful hints she learns and advice she wishes she had known at every step of the way! Read on for all of the details.

From Monica…

Hi there brides and bridesmaids! As a Vow Bridal Stylist, the best part of my job is talking with you about all of the wedding details – from the bridesmaid dresses and little white dresses to the groomsmen’s outfits and flowers. I love seeing everything come together in photos of the big day. However, I hadn’t really thought about my own wedding! I may have pinned some gorgeous inspiration and daydreamed about vineyard and villa venues but I hadn’t taken it seriously until that exciting day in November!

How we met

I should start with the man who made it all happen, my amazing fiancé Chris. (I'm still not used to calling him that!) By a sweet stroke of destiny, I am marrying a man from my hometown and high school, but we weren’t high school sweethearts, as fun as that would be. Chris and my older brother were good friends throughout school. I always thought of my brother’s friends as cool seniors who would never actually talk to me. Years later, after Chris and I both graduated from college (at rival schools USC and UCLA, I might add - Go Bruins!), my brother invited me to a Fourth of July party in Newport Beach. It was then that the seed was sown when I met and was impressed by his tall, charming friend. When we spent time together after that I thought we were just friends until it finally clicked that I was falling for him! It all became real when Chris took me on a hike in Malibu (with champagne – my kind of hike!).


The proposal

More than four and a half years later, my clever fiancé invented a work holiday party in Malibu that we needed to attend in support of his brother. I was suspicious for a brief moment, but searched for the address of the party.  It was a real house, so I dropped it. (I know, I’m a little crazy). I wore something festive, and we headed out. I think my intuition fired when Chris went back into the house to grab something and nearly ran down the stairs. Not only was my hair not ready for a proposal, I had also been outwitted! I pride myself on being able to figure out surprises (even though it ruins the fun). So I didn’t think this could really be it – or could it? When we parked near the bluff where we had our first date, my heart raced. As we stood silently on the bluff, Chris began his speech. I can’t even remember all of the words that he said, but I know they were the sweetest I've ever heard. He told me that we made a great team, and I cried before I could say "yes".  His brother Greg caught it all on camera from the bushes behind us (sneaky!) and I’m so glad he did. I was too surprised to even look at the ring (he picked out a gorgeous one). We shared a picnic (and more champagne!) before heading out for a romantic dinner. It was the happiest day of my life so far; I can only imagine it will be surpassed by the wedding day itself.

I am so thrilled to share this special journey with you from planning on a budget and venue hunting, to ways to thank your bridesmaids and creating the wedding day look of your Pinterest daydreams. It is easy to get caught up in the details and let the stress take over but I try to remember that above all, I am starting a lifelong partnership with my love and creating a bond between our families.  I couldn’t be happier.

IMG_7750 The proposal



In every post, I will be sharing tips and what I learn to hopefully help you in the wedding planning process. To all newly engaged brides out here, my thoughts:

  1. Take a moment to soak it all in - the look on your fiance’s face, the surroundings, the way your new ring feels - make sure you’ll never forget this day. (I even wrote everything down a couple days later because I tend to forget the details).
  2. Give some thought to calls you want to make. I was so flustered that I didn’t get a chance to call some close friends before the news got out (I know they didn’t mind in the end).
  3. Enjoy this moment with your new fiancé. The planning will start before you know it and this special moment will have passed. I was so happy to spend the evening just laughing with Chris, hearing how he pulled it off, and dreaming about the future.

Congratulations Monica and Chris! We are so excited to share in the journey and wish you all the best! Love, the Vow team

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