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Who Knew? | Spotlight on Happily

Wedding Planner's Tablescape

Not every bride gets the luxury of a wedding planner. DIY brides have access to a new online resource to take some of the guess work out of the process. Happily's platform simplifies the wedding planning experience and connects you to those paid professionals that can implement the necessary pieces  of your wedding. We met up with Sarah Shewey to learn more.

Q: When did you get the idea for Happily and who helped you put it together?

A: I don't believe that big ideas truly happen overnight, and this idea at Happily - that we can make the best wedding planners available to everyone without a hefty deposit or scary contract - is a biggie. It's one that I've been thinking about since I started my first company, Pink Cloud, in 2006, developing operationally with a team of planners as Pink Cloud 9 in 2012, but really started coding as Happily this past summer.

What's cool is that the experience on happily.io isn't just a representation of my own ideas, but that of our meticulous planners, creative couples, incredible advisors, and passionate staff. Also, we're just at the beginning stage, so everyone who uses Happily's planning tool now will make a massive impact on how the idea takes flight. 


Q: When will it be available to the public for use?

A: It's available to the public now! Please request an invite to plan with us at http://happily.io.

Online Wedding Planner

Q: How does Happily work?

A: We give you free access to create a professional-quality plan that will help you track and share your progress with your other half and your wedding party. At any time that you want to hand off a task to a pro, you can assign a task to a Happily planner straight from the plan. Our prices for tasks start at $10, and there are some tasks that are free because we’ve built great relationships with some the the best wedding vendors in the wedding community.


Q: Why should someone use Happily?

A: It's a more reliable, easier, and affordable way to get professional help planning your wedding.

 Bride and Groom used Happily

Q: What locations does Happily serve?

A: Most of our planning is done virtually and through phone calls, so we can help anyone nationwide. If you want someone to meet you in person or actually coordinate on the wedding day, we have certified planners located throughout California.


Q: How do you think Happily helps brides create a more stylish wedding while maintaining their budget goals?

A: Happily unlocks the exclusive access to insider deals, advice, and network of a professional planner. Our planners live and breathe weddings and they know how to achieve that pinterest perfect look with the right vendors and for any budget.

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