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The Top 5 Viral Wedding Videos of 2014

Dear 2014,

We only have 24 hours before we have to say goodbye. This year was simply a lovely year for weddings. Your weddings made us laugh, and they made us cry. We salute all those who celebrated their marriages in 2014 because they reminded us that love is all around, that weddings are about sharing beautiful times with the people we love, and that every single moment of that special day is matters. Here’s to those who brought us into their private celebrations of love and matrimony. Here’s the best 5 wedding viral videos of 2014.

1. The Coolest Mom on the Planet
It looks like this mother of the groom stole the show. The mother-and-son dance went viral when this duo brought out their epic dance moves at his reception. Mom might even be a better dancer than her newlywed son!

2. The Father-Daughter Dance That Brought Us to Tears
Many girls dream of dressing in white and dancing to that special song with their fathers. This young woman’s determination to share this precious moment with her father on her wedding day was so touching that we couldn’t help but share.

3. The Groomsmen Who Put Beyonce to Shame
Let’s face it. When a man dances to Beyonce for you, he really loves you. When he can convince 7 other adult men to do so as well... it’s forever. We give extra kudos for the choreographed NSYNC moves because Justin Timberlake is always the right answer.

4. The Small Wedding That Was Huge In Our Hearts
In early 2014, Rowden and Lizl decided to get married on July 8, 2014. However in May 2014, Rowden was tragically diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer. His only request was to marry the woman he loved. The couple moved up the wedding date and instead of getting married at a church as originally intended, they married in the hospital. Rowden passed away on June 11, 2014 - less than 10 hours after he said “I do” to his one true love. This reminded us that it’s not the years in your life but the love and life in your years.

5. The Bride Who Didn’t Know She Was Getting Married
Are flash weddings the trend of 2015? One bride-to-be was getting completely overwhelmed by wedding planning, so her husband gave her the best wedding gift: some rest. Watch as this husband, family, and circle of friends surprise this bride with a shocking and memorable surprise wedding. (If any grooms-to-be are reading this are getting any brilliant ideas, we highly encourage talking to our stylists for advice regarding the bridesmaid dress selections.)

Until next year, love big & stay stylish.
~Team Vow

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